Man, my attempt at blogging is terribly inconsistent so far, isn’t it? I’m sorry. Makes me a bit boring to read, doesn’t it? Hmm…what is my excuse?

A wireless card that is acting a bit wonky and only works when it feels like it which is usually not terribly helpful to me.

A semi-last minute weekend trip last weekend. That was extended by a day, also semi-last minute.

Feeling a bit like my allergies have decided that although it doesn’t remotely feel like spring or fall when my allergies are usually at their worst, now is a good time to make me miserable.

And I am easily distracted by Facebook?

Umm, can I use all of the above?

Honestly though, I think that it will likely take me a while to truly make blogging a habit. Maybe I should set a reminder on my phone like I do everything else. Ha ha!

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