Countdown to the First Day of School…

We are officially counting down to the first day of school.

The kids are enrolled for school again. Nita didn’t get the teacher she was hoping for but she will survive.
Seth will be starting middle school this year and has decided he wants to try football. Should be interesting.

Now that I know what teachers they have for sure, I need to pull out all my school supplies and see what I still need to get. I try to buy some things each year after school starts and everything is marked way back. That way I have a little stash of the basics to start my back to school shopping with the next year.

2 thoughts on “Countdown to the First Day of School…

  1. You’re smart. I always see the markdowns, but don’t think of needing them later on. This year I’m going to do it. Stock up on pens and paper and folders, all the stuff they need again in January!!

    Thanks for the great idea!

    1. I don’t know about smart….Ha!
      It really does help though. A lot of this stuff doesn’t take up much space at all.
      And this year both kids had one subject notebooks on their list. I bought extra two years in a row and had probably 12 notebooks in my drawer. Paid I think $0.15 a piece for them. They are definitely not that cheap right now! And folders? The big clearance is definitely the best time to get those. Especially the “fun” ones. Between both kids I only spent probably $60 or so and that included getting oddball things like a scientific calculator and a combo lock for gym and a flash drive. And I didn’t get the absolute cheapest of everything either.

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