Still inconsistent!

Yup. I’m still inconsistent. I told ya I would be. I seriously should set a reminder in my phone. Maybe I’ll wait until I upgrade to do that though. My current phone is…well…a bit unreliable at this point. I’m actually impressed at how long it has survived considering it is just an LG enV Touch. Not a terribly high quality phone. Not for someone like me that uses their phone for everything! And i have had this thing since January 2010. Well, sort of. In October 2010, an over the air update more or less killed my phone so Verizon sent me a refurb. So I really have no clue what kind of abuse this poor phone endured before I got it. And I know I have abused it!

I fantasize about a smartphone but knowing me…I’ll manage to talk myself out of it for some reason. I usually talk myself into the cheapest phone that “sorta kinda” does what I want and has some of the features I want. I still have a little over a month before I can even think about upgrading though so I suppose I will wait and see what I end up deciding. I just hope this phone doesn’t die before then!

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