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Labor Day Weekend

So we survived the first 2 weeks of school. Kind of. Little dude stayed home sick Monday and then fought a migraine Friday. Fun! Not. And now we made it to Labor Day weekend…and the weather is like 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. What the heck? Army Bear is enjoying the temperature drop though. I assumed that she would since she has such a long, thick coat. I’m really trying to be more consistent with my blogging but I probably should have known better than to start my blog just before school started. It really wasn’t such a great idea. Not with kiddos in two different schools this year. One playing rec league football. It’s been a busy start to the school year this time around!

2 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend

    1. Thanks. We have done summer sports before but never sports and school at the same time so this feels weird. It feels like we are constantly on the go. It is exhausting!

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