So…I make a terrible blogger…

I have had so many cool ideas for blog posts. Usually in the middle of the night. Or while driving. Or during other activities that are similarly incompatible with blogging. And then, of course, I can never remember what I was going to post when I have a chance to post. I’m pathetic. I really should figure out how to remember things.

Can I blame my inability to remember to do things without many reminders on the fact that I have a 16 year old boy, 12 year old girl and…a 3 year old boy?

The 16 year old isn’t much trouble. Not considering we are talking about a 16 year old boy.

The 3 year old…well, he IS a 3 year old. Lots of messes come with the territory.

The girl though…ugh! I never realized that preteen girls could be so exhausting! And weird. Man, she is wacky. I wasn’t that wacky at her age.

I don’t think.

Maybe I was. Pretty sure I didn’t spend nearly so much time actively trying to annoy everyone around me. She seems quite pleased with herself when one of us finally his the extremely annoyed phase.

Don’t get me wrong. I often tell the oldest that he’s a very weird child. He is. He has very strange taste in music for a teenage boy. How many teens do you know that get a giggle out of asking mom for video game assistance? Well, he does. We both play games such as the Dragon Age series. Unlike him, I tend to stick to one game until I finish it. He bounces back and forth. And for some reason, my first play through is usually on one of the hardest settings. He goes normal difficulty. So it is not all that unusual for him to ask, “How in the world did you pass this? What is the secret to this puzzle?!”

He is also quite fond of introducing me to new music. And the fact that we upgraded the sound system in my minivan. He is quite entertained by the fact that I have decent bass. Hahahaha! Weird kid.

Any way…rambling…I have three extremely strange children and their age difference actually makes thins even more strange at times.




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